Coronavirus: Wrangling over huge EU recovery plan enters...

As global cases rise by record numbers, EU leaders struggle to reach a deal on a recovery package.

Russia far east protest over Khabarovsk governor's arrest

Thousands rally on the streets of Khabarovsk as a regional leader is accused of contract killings.

Coronavirus: Italian beach nudists fined as police crack...

Six people who dared to go bare on the shores of Lake Como are spotted by a marine patrol.

Russia cracks down on marmot hunt in plague scare

Bubonic plague cases in China and Mongolia give Russia's marmots respite from hunters.

Coronavirus: Gütersloh lockdown lifted after German court...

The court rules locking down Gütersloh after the outbreak at the Tönnies plant was disproportionate.

Eurozone 'will be deeper than forecast' recession

France, Italy and Spain will be hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic, the EC says

Russian space official Safronov arrested due to treason

Former journalist Ivan Safronov is suspected of passing secrets to a Nato country.